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Concert Reports

Samantha Fox and Suzi Quatro – live 30.04.2011 at Dolina Charlotty near Slupsk, Poland

Dolina Charlotty (Charlotte Valley), located in a small village Strzelinko near Slupsk, became once again the place where visited great stars of rock and pop of the 70s and 80s. Everything because of a two-day concert organized under “Picnic with Jedynka” series. Last day of April 2011 became a festival for fans of legendary singers Samantha Fox and Suzi Quatro and one day later …

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Witchrite, Headbanger and Violator – live 6.07.2010 in Szczecin, Poland

It was certainly one of the major events this year in Szczecin. For the first time in our town hosted thrash metal band from Brazil – Violator, supported by Witchrite from Gorzow Wielkopolski and local Headbanger. At the concert didn’t arrived Fueled By Fire from America, which also had to play this evening at SCK Kontrasty. Despite this fact, to the club came large amount of fans of …

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HanseStadtFest – 2-4.07.2010 at Frankfurt/Oder with Snap! and Kim Wilde

Day two: Snap! and Kim Wilde This year HanseStadtFest held concurrently in two adjacent cities (Polish Slubice and German Frankfurt/Oder) offered to residents and visitors many interesting music attractions. At the Polish site sang inter alia Doda and Paulla, while in our western neighbors evening stars were very popular in the early 90s duo Snap! and the legendary singer Kim Wilde.

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Burn Da City vol. 2 – 4.06.2010 r. at Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland

Second edition of a music event called Burn Da City took place on 4th of June 2010 in Aleksandrow Lodzki (Poland) in Intermezzo club. Main organizer was DJ Bolty and the main theme of the whole show was Drum’n’Bass music. At 9 PM as the first DJ appeared Sideswipe and just after him came Sugarbeet (Drum Team) and Ardee. Successively the floor was filling with a people dancing …

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The Throne, Dead On Time and More Than A Thousand – live 21.05.2010 in Szczecin, Poland

After three years of break again to Poland arrived a band from Portugal named More Than a Thousand which musical repertoire is based on a valuable mixture of melodic rock with metalcore. The team of Vasco Ramos played on 21st of May 2010 in SCK Kontrasty in Poland and theirs performance enjoyed with a big interests from the local audience. The first band which appeared on the scene was the …

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Scooter – live 13.03.2010 at Berlin

Scooter’s performance at Berlin Treptow Arena was one of few shows planned by the band for the March tour promoting last year record „Under The Radar Over The Top”. Being a passionate and a fan (since 15 years!) I couldn’t simply avoid this occassion and few months before the event I ordererd the ticket. Preparation for journey wasn’t too complicated because I had only to find a good transport …

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