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HanseStadtFest – 2-4.07.2010 at Frankfurt/Oder with Snap! and Kim Wilde

Day two: Snap! and Kim Wilde

This year HanseStadtFest held concurrently in two adjacent cities (Polish Slubice and German Frankfurt/Oder) offered to residents and visitors many interesting music attractions. At the Polish site sang inter alia Doda and Paulla, while in our western neighbors evening stars were very popular in the early 90s duo Snap! and the legendary singer Kim Wilde.

Saturday trip to Frankfurt proceeded very easy. Firstly about 2 hours of travel in a local train from Szczecin to Kostrzyn awaited to me and my girlfriend. When we came to the target place we met before train station with Magik and together we went by his car to Slubice. The only disadvantage of the trip was an amazing glow pouring down from the sky and giving an impression like it would be boiled alive inside the vehicle.

In Slubice we parked the car and went towards the bridge leading to Frankfurt at Oder. Just at its entrance was spread over a large scene, decked in the upcoming performance of scenery from Doda. After a few minutes walk across the bridge we got to the German side. Near the market there were lots of open boxes, restaurants and pubs with food and drink, in which people gathered in front of televisions were watching the Germans World Cup match with Argentina. Along the way, nice ladies gave us free cold water, which we adopted with salvation in our sights. Soon we got to the main part of the market, located on the picturesque cathedral. This time the scene, on which at that moment a German singer presented his hits, was placed very high. Just below it, bravely stood a group of people from the Polish Kim Wilde fan club called Shangri-La. Naturally we’ve joined them and welcomed warmly. Then there was also a group of German fans of Kim and it was quite surprising that in such an amazing heat, they were standing persistently upon the railings for several hours.

As it turned out, organizers have planned a performance of Snap! duo around 8 PM. In the meantime we could enjoy of performances by drummers from the team called Los Pepinos, and bus drawing which was attended by local sports teams. At the sky reigned aeroplane, which was performing some stunts acrobatic.

After a long awaiting finally on the stage appeared Penny Ford (first singer of Snap!) and her performance began with the song “Do you see the light (looking for)”. Shortly afterwards Benjamin “Stoli” Lowe joined her who went to the very professional rapper’s role. After the first song they both greeted warmly with the audience and Penny dispelled all doubts ensuring that she is the original singer of the beginning of the team. Moments later a large audience gathered under the barriers started to play by the first bars of one of the most famous hits of Snap – “The Power”. There were also “Cult of Snap”, “Mary had a little boy” and at the end – “Rhythm Is a Dancer”, which was presented to the public two times! The whole show was very successful and confirmed the high class of Penny & Benjamin duo.

A few moments later I had the unique opportunity to stand eye to eye with the Snap! duo make a photography and “give five” to Benjamin. It was an extraordinary experience that will be really long in my memory and I hope that it will be given to me to be repeated.



HanseStadtFest at Frankfurt/Oder: Snap! – photo gallery!

V-12 meets Snap!


However still there was just one hour left to Kim Wilde concert, hence the organizers found an idea to re-entertain the audience by the performance of the Los Pepinos drummers. This time they have been located on the main stage and gave a nice show of rhythmic rumble. Noteworthy is the fact that the leading event announcer spoke of our fan club group Shangri-La which he did not forgot to greet :).

With the time more people were gathered at the scene. Immediately after 10 PM finally the show has started, on which we all were waiting with much anticipation. Kim Wilde opened his show with a strong kick, starting with one of her oldest songs named “Chequered Love”. Without cooling the enthusiasm of burning audience she next sang “View from a bridge”, “The second time” and “Anyplace, anywhere, anytime”. The audience was playing well, especially our Polish sector, who waved caps, ribbons, or burning fireworks (with the song “I’ll stand by you”) towards Kim. And she was smiling and moving around the stage energetically. As usual, his incredible guitar skills were presented by Ricky Wilde, who occupied mostly left part of the scene.

In Kim’s repertoire, probably for the first time since the promotion tour of her new album “Never say never” from 2007, appeared unexpectedly song “Perfect girl”, which I accepted with great joy and surprise at the same time. The primary set list contained also “Cambodia”, “Four letter word”, “You Came” and “You keep me hangin 'on”.

Encore tracks didn’t surprised us with anything new – traditionally there were played two covers and at the end of course “Kids in America”. To be completely happy we missed only the most recent work from Kim called “Lights down low” which will be released as a single on 13th of August. It announces a new album “Come out and play” which will be in stores two weeks later.

Setlist of Kim Wilde:

1. Chequered love
2. View from a bridge
3. Second time
4. Anyplace, anywhere, anytime
5. I’ll stand by you (cover of The Pretenders)
6. Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love)
7. Perfect Girl
8. Cambodia
9. A little respect (cover of Erasure)
10. Never trust a stranger
11. Four letter word
12. You came
13. You keep me hangin’ on


14. Ça plane pour moi (cover of Plastic Bertrand)
15. Enjoy the silence (cover of Depeche Mode)
16. Kids in America


HanseStadtFest at Frankfurt/Oder: Kim Wilde – photo gallery!

After the concert we went to the “gate” (next to the stage) in the hope that once again we will stand face to face with our beloved singer. Unfortunately our hopes got vanished after some time by Scarlett, who came to us and said that Kim is extremely tired and she will not be able to meet us. So we asked to giver her a gift and for a consolation we made together one picture.

Finally it was time for leaving. The rest of the team went to the hotel and the three of us into the way back to home. When we reach the Kostrzyn and said goodbye to Magik, we had to wait around three hours for a train. However our awaiting passed without any problems and we arrived safely to home in the morning, falling from exhaustion after a two-day concert travels.

I would like to thank especially my girlfriend for a nice company, as well as Magik for supporting with the transport on the way to Slubice and back. I send also greetings to the other members of Shangri-La fan club, with whom I had the opportunity to participate in another fourth concert of Kim Wilde. See you soon!

Pawel R. a.k.a. V-12/Tropyx
Szczecin, 10.07.2010