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The Throne, Dead On Time and More Than A Thousand – live 21.05.2010 in Szczecin, Poland

After three years of break again to Poland arrived a band from Portugal named More Than a Thousand which musical repertoire is based on a valuable mixture of melodic rock with metalcore. The team of Vasco Ramos played on 21st of May 2010 in SCK Kontrasty in Poland and theirs performance enjoyed with a big interests from the local audience.

The first band which appeared on the scene was the main organizers of the show – The Throne. This is relatively young band characterized with heavy and quite much progressive playing, being a mixture of post metal and hardcore. The audience in Kontrasty (contained mostly from students celebrating theirs feast named Juvenal) was grabbed to the party by a four long and uncommon compositions.




The Throne – 21.05.2010 in Szczecin, Poland – photo gallery!

Another local band which successfully fulfilled the role of support team before evening star, was existing since only half an a year Dead On Time. They describe theirs music as an alternative post hardcore and they put in her really much energy and dynamics. Specific Fryta vocal and stage charisma of guitarist Darek were main point of theirs whole performance.

While playing the last song entitled Necklace, suddently Tomek’s guitar got broken! He disappeared for a moment from the scene and shortly after the show he came back to thank Radek for his „work” and then he throw an oar on the ground.



Dead On Time – 21.05.2010 in Szczecin, Poland – photo gallery!

When time has come for the show of evening star – More Than A Thousand band, under the stage appeared plenty of people! Loud voice of vocalist named Vasco (which also impressed with an arms filled with uncommon tattoos) very often encouraged to party together. Portuguese band played over a dozen compositions, being the diameter of their previous work. Main set list was finally extended for a few encores, between which was acoustic track, played on the guitar by Vasco and also another song which was played in Szczecin for the first time live! Atmosphere was more pleasant thanks to one of guitarists who from time to time, holding a plastic cup with the beer in his hand, in broken Polish language raised a toast “Chlusniem, bo usniem (Let’s drink, before we fall asleep)”.

Main setlist of More Than A Thousand:

1. Make Friends And Enemies
2. It’s Alive
3. First Bite
4. No Bad Blood
5. Destruction
6. Walking On The Devil’s Trail
7. Arctic
8. Black Hearts
9. It’s The Blood, There’s Something In The Blood

…and few encores. 🙂


More Than A Thousand – 21.05.2010 in Szczecin, Poland – photo gallery!

Generally whole event was really successful, which for sure can confirm a lot of people having fun this evening in Kontrasty!

Pawel R. a.k.a. V-12/Tropyx
Szczecin, 27.05.2010

Thanks to the organizers for the invitation to a concert! Special thanks to Raquel for giving me the titles of all tracks of More Than A Thousand!