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C64 Articles

C64 Power Game Mod Compo – results

Over the past few months two organizers of C64 Power Game Mod Compo (V-12 and Raf) were receiving contest work which main goal was to create modded games on Commodore 64. In the race stood 7 works of which only one not fully meet statutory requirements. However, it was accepted to the competition since the main idea of the whole project was to create de facto …

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Limon v1.1/Tropyx

Description of the program and few basic information about sampling What’s the matter? Limon v1.1 is a second edition of a program for conversion of 8-bit samples into 4-bit format which was coded by Data/De-Koder/Tropyx. This tool gives the way to save some part of memory in Commodore 64 especially, when we wants to use sampling in our production. Before I will turn to the description of this program I would …

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1541Ultimate inside of Commodore 64

I’m the first in the world person who installed 1541Ultimate inside of Commodore 64. I’ve used for this 2nd Expansion Port, which I made in July 2006. While installing 1541U inside of the C64, I brought out the buttonts over the keyboard and connected also drive reset to the left. I tried to run an extension to a memory card but my operation ended up as fiasco, because the socket on the …

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First connection of Commodore 64 to Internet

Many times I dreamed about to connect my Commodore 64 to Internet. That dream came true in the beginning of summer 2008, when I bought cartridge called MMC Replay. It has a network card called RR Net, which allows you to connect the C64 to the PC network or directly to the router. And so I did.

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Installation of additional Expansion Port inside of Commodore 64

In vacation of 2006 I began with the second approach of soldering additional Expansion Port to my Commodore 64. The first attempt, which took place somewhat earlier, ended in failure: the C64 didn’t started at all and I’ve got damaged my first cartridge named Super Mian Box III. As it turned out, it was my mistake in the soldering. Jak się później okazało, był to mój błąd w lutowaniu. Prototype of this extension …

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