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Samantha Fox and Suzi Quatro – live 30.04.2011 at Dolina Charlotty near Slupsk, Poland

Dolina Charlotty (Charlotte Valley), located in a small village Strzelinko near Slupsk, became once again the place where visited great stars of rock and pop of the 70s and 80s. Everything because of a two-day concert organized under “Picnic with Jedynka” series. Last day of April 2011 became a festival for fans of legendary singers Samantha Fox and Suzi Quatro and one day later there were also Maggie Reilly and Bonnie Tyler on the stage.

Bearing in mind very successful performance by Samantha and her memorable meeting in Bydgoszcz two years ago, I couldn’t miss that day in Dolina Charlotty. At Slupsk I’ve arrived just before the 5 PM (with a four-hour trip by local train), and one hour later I’ve came to Strzelinko by free bus.

Before the entrance gate to the amphitheater in Dolina Charlotty towered a long string of people waiting an hour for the opening. Nervous tension was gradually spreading to the guests, some people even began to loudly comment on the situation. Summoned to the place organizer explained that there was a delay from the team of Suzi Quatro, resulting in a delay in the rehearsal of both stars of the evening. In the background we could hear the vocal performances of Samantha, and security guards just before the 7 PM began to admit people into the amphitheater.

Polish fans of Samantha Fox!


A couple of photos made before concert

After a while in the lower part of the grandstand I met up with fellow fans of Samantha FoxEdym and Pajda, accompanied by Joanna. We sat right near the stage and began our expectation for the start of the concert. The weather was unfavorable – blew blustery, cold wind, which was intensified our feeling of coolness. After a while Pajda realized that on a hill there is located Samantha mini-shop where you can buy T-shirts and CD’s (including latest single “Forever”). Without thinking too long I followed in that direction with Edym and after a while we came back enriched by a “stuff” and less money in our pockets. By the way we learned from a very pleasant and charming saleswoman, that Samantha after the concert will be at this point signing records for her fans. This information gave us better feeling, even for a moment we forgot about the bad weather.

About 7:20 PM appeared on the stage announcer, who with poetic verve tried his monologue to fill the time of impatient audience. He was doing this for another 20 minutes, but fortunately it was soon time for the announcement of the first star of the evening – Samantha Fox! By the sounds of a popular intro by Richard Strauss („Thus Spoke Zarathustra”) all members of the band came on the stage with guitarist Johnny at the top. Soon a loud applause welcomed Samantha Fox, who reciprocated with a warm smile to all and the classic phrase, “Hey, it’s me again!”. Provocatively dressed in black, skimpy outfit, she launched a great show from the title track from the third album “I Wanna Have Some Fun”. Shortly after she apologized to all people present at the amphitheater for the delay, which resulted by not her fault. The audience was not only sympathetic, but after a while some people (with me on the top) jumped up from their seats and came to more than meter wall forming the border of the scene.

Next song was “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” during which Samantha was moving freely around the stage, dancing and encouraging people to have fun. Johnny showed a great solo, sounding almost identical to the original. After a while we heard “Angel With An Attitude” and “I Only Wanna Be With You”. During these tracks Samantha was doing sensual movements and proved by them that she was feeling very comfortable on the stage.

Before another song Samantha asked if anyone in the audience is in love, or whether is romantic. This was the announcement of her favorite song with the title “True Devotion”, which was played only on the guitar at the beginning. After a few moments joined the rest of the team and the whole song, thanks to its unique version (with an emphasis on Charly’s synthesizers) allowed to go back in time by more than 20 years.

Amazing song “I Give Myself To You” was dedicated to all the fans and I must admit, that it sounded very unique, being performed on live instruments. The great work of the chorus were done by two women named Julie and Rachel, which were supported by smiling and very active on the stage bassist Alan. It was a great dose of energy and power, amplified by a guitar performances by Johnny. The audience was amused by the stage and the atmosphere was simply unearthly.

After romantic ballad “Cause An Effect” (from the last so far Samantha studio album), it was time for another classic song – “Naughty Girls Needs Love Too”. By the way this is a track which Samantha didn’t performed live for many years. Despite this everything went very well!

The apogee of musical mastery came a few moments later – rock arrangement of “I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)” knocked on knees many people. Samantha was full of energy also like both guitarists which were performing real show on the background. This was without doubt one of the strongest points of the entire show, during which whole band was also presented to the audience. Continuation of rock sound was a cover of “Sex On Fire” by Kings Of Leon, ruling the original version in every aspect. For a good words also deserved a drummer named Jamie, who busily waving his sticks and intensified the dynamics of individual tracks.

But it was not the end of the surprises from Samantha, because she surprised everyone after a short time when she came on stage with a guitar in her hands. Crushing arrangement of “Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)” has completed a basic setlist of the show.

There were encores, which opened the most recognizable composition “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” and closed the huge dose of trance sound in the form of the song “Forever”. Samantha gave an amazing show of singing and dancing and the audience was “crushed” with a powerful beat.

It is difficult to describe the emotions that accompanied my person during the entire performance. Samantha presented a high-class show with a devilish dose of rock sound, dynamic choreography and strong vocals. On the big respect deserved also the whole band which showed up from all sides very positive. Even most fussy recipients had to be satisfied that night with a powerful sound with some synths and amazing voice of Samantha, which sounds live even better than on the records.

Setlist of Samantha Fox – 30.04.2011 at Dolina Charlotty:

1. Intro (Richard Strauss – Also Sprach Zarathustra)
2. I Wanna Have Some Fun
3. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
4. Angel With An Attitude
5. I Only Wanna Be With You
6. True Devotion
7. I Give Myself To You
8. Cause An Effect
9. Naughty Girls Needs Love Too
10. I Surrender (To The Spirit Of The Night)
11. Sex On Fire
12. Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)


13. Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
14. Forever



Being still not yet calmed down after the spent emotions associated with a very successful performance of our idol, we went to a neighborhood store with CDs and T-shirts. Commenting design and arrangement of individual tracks, we waited patiently for the arrival of Samantha. Edym managed to catch Myra Stratton, manager and in private life wife of Mrs. Fox, which allowed us to make sure that soon our beloved singer will appear to give out autographs to her fans. On the occasion we made a commemorative photo with a very nice and friendly Myra.

Meeting with Myra Stratton!


At the stage appeared Suzi Quatro and soon a part of the audience started to have a crazy party. The singer moved dynamically on the stage, occasionally shaking his ass at the same time. Unfortunately due to my expectation of the coming of Samantha, I was not actively participate in the great show of Suzi (which I regret a little bit.) I watched from afar her vocal and musical actions worthy of respect and in my soul I’ve respected the artist class.

Finally came the memorable moment. Samantha, accompanied by several bodyguards arrived on the hill, and just behind her in the background Myra walked alone. It looked pretty weird, but nobody paid attention for this situation. Dozens of people started to close up around the table at which sat the singer. She patiently signed discs (and tickets, which was contrary to the original assumption!) also occasionally posed for commemorative photos. When Pajda stood at her, he was given a large number of kisses and also got a few autographs on specially prepared photos for this moment. Edym was next who had the meeting with Samantha and it was an amazing experience for him, which probably he will not forget for the rest of his life . 🙂

With the time at the table were less people than on the beginning. Dressed in a black shirt with the image of Samantha, soon I went calmly to the presence of beloved singer. I pushed her cover of the single “Forever” and the ID of the official fan club 21st Century Fox, while saying “Hello Samantha, nice to see you again”. She looked at me and smiled, uttered the magic words “Oh, that’s YOU!”. She recognized me, probably remembering our meeting two years ago in Bydgoszcz. She greeted me as an old friend, filling my face by sweet kisses and hugged me warmly. With great joy she took a marker in her hand and wrote a memorable sentence, “To Pawel, lots of love, Samantha Fox 2011”. Also she put her autograph on the ID of the fan club, and then with great pleasure agreed to make a photography with me. She embraced me with her hands in a friendly embrace and I being happy, simply clung to her with a smile on my face. Click, photo taken by Edym and after a while goodbye. Magic moment was over, but it would like to make it last forever…

 Unforgettable meeting with Samantha Fox!

Soon the autograph signing ceremony came to an end. I still managed to give missing photo in Edym’s folder for a sign, then one of the bodyguards pushed me to make the way for Samantha. During the way she managed to hug Pajda again and after a slice of time she disappeared in the darkness. On the battlefield was left… alone Myra, who took care of the formalities for the shops. I asked her for a photo and she agreed without hesitation. Then she said that we are very nice guys, and we thanked her in return for a great performance and nice meeting. After a while, a few bodyguards returned to Myra, which looked quite comical and I decided to go into the front of the stage, where people dancing and having fun. Thanks to that I could watch and listen last songs of Suzi’s concert, who in great physical and vocal shape gave a great show of classic hard rock playing.

Samantha Fox – 30.04.2011 at Dolina Charlotty near Slupsk – photo gallery!


Suzi Quatro – 30.04.2011 at Dolina Charlotty near Slupsk – photo gallery!

Soon the concert ended up and we went outside where we got the bus back to Slupsk. And that was the end of our amazing adventure and beautiful, unforgettable moments in the company of Samantha Fox – valued and cherished singer by us for many years. I’m extremely pleased with the fact that the whole performance was professional and also full of surprises, which build me to wait for more events of this type. I hope that this will happen soon. Samantha – you are amazing!

Finally I would like to thank Pajda, Edym and Joanna for a friendly society, the common experience of the concert and share the excitement right after him and also for the pictures (especially to Edym) that have been made to me during a meeting with Samantha. I hope to see you soon! I also greet Piotr, who unfortunately couldn’t arrived to the concert and I believe that we will meet again in the future.

S-S-S-S-Samantha Fox!

Szczecin, 1.05.2011