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Burn Da City vol. 2 – 4.06.2010 r. at Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland

Second edition of a music event called Burn Da City took place on 4th of June 2010 in Aleksandrow Lodzki (Poland) in Intermezzo club. Main organizer was DJ Bolty and the main theme of the whole show was Drum’n’Bass music.

At 9 PM as the first DJ appeared Sideswipe and just after him came Sugarbeet (Drum Team) and Ardee. Successively the floor was filling with a people dancing to the rhythm of various kinds of DnB music. Just after midnight at the turntables stood Atmosphere and Krolas took the microphone as MC.

DJ Atmosphere.
MC Królas & V-12.


The atmosphere of the event was heated by main organizer – Bolty, who supported by MC Wajti gave a show of really good way of mixing the music. At 2 AM came Exwookie (Audio Dealers, ex. Sonic Trip) to mix some good tracks who encouraged people to dance with Jump-up music. Occasionally Martines, who is a visitor of most of the music shows in Lodz and nearby, was taking the microphone and playing as MC. As the last one his DJ’s skills was presented by Crim.

MC Wajti & DJ Bolty.


V-12 & DJ Exwookie.



DJ Crim.


V-12 meets DJ Bolty.
V-12 meets Martines.


Burn Da City vol. 2 – 4.06.2010 r. at Aleksandrow Lodzki, Poland – photo gallery!

Paweł R. a.k.a. V-12/Tropyx
Szczecin, 7.07.2010