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Interview with Jose María Bará a.k.a. DX5

DX5 is a music composer and producer who strongly refer in his creation to the sounds and the mood of the 80s. He is mostly known as a musician who cover lots of well known Depeche Mode tracks, which we can listen for free on his YouTube channel. He also released his first EP “’Electronic Devices vol. 1”, which allows us to turn back in time and feel the power of …

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Interview with Alexander Ney a.k.a. Taxim

In the C64 scene, Taxim is usually known as a composer of tracks that contain samples, which mainly were released in 7 digi music collections entitled „Deinonychus”. He was also an author of a couple of C64 remixes released under the name „SynthieTrax 64”. But Taxim is not only a one man project, but also a real band that makes professional music. Their latest album „Einer für sich” …

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In the mood of Breakbeat music… Interview with N.Kick!

N.Kick is very important and colorful person in the Breakbeat arena of music in Poland. For the last several years he has been both a DJ and music producer, smartly promoting Breaks in our country. This interview brings closer informations about both his character and current musical career. Have a nice reading!

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Interview with Rolf Maier Bode

V-12: Hello Rolf! Could you introduce yourself to all the people who might not know you or just don’t remember you? Rolf: My name is ROLF MAIER BODE and I started producing music in 1991. The most successful project was „RMB” with Farid Gharadjedaghi (Redemption, Spring, Reality…). The last RMB release were in 2004 and after that I started composing music for TV, advertising and agencies. In the …

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Interview with Polonus

Hello dear readers. This is my last work for Tide. This interview is also available in Inverse #10 Polish discmag. 12 years after released last Quartet demo “Bye Commy” I decided to catch Polonus and make with him an interview. Big, big, almighty shame for him, cause he don’t want to do something for our scene once again. H.M.Murdock: First of all please tell me something about you …

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