piątek , 23 luty 2024

First connection of Commodore 64 to Internet

Many times I dreamed about to connect my Commodore 64 to Internet. That dream came true in the beginning of summer 2008, when I bought cartridge called MMC Replay. It has a network card called RR Net, which allows you to connect the C64 to the PC network or directly to the router. And so I did.

I’ve connected RR Net with the router using net cable and I ran the Contiki operating system for the Commodore 64. After proper configuration of the program I was able to connect to the IRC server and then view the Polish site entitled Portal Milosnikow Prawobrzeza. So it was a special day that I decided to have stored on a few pictures.

First connection of Commodore 64 to Internet.

Szczecin, 20 February 2009

Later version of Contiki has been created in text mode only. Here you can find a small presentation of  Commodore 64 connected to Internet (done on 20th of October 2011) via 1541Ultimate and built-in lan card.

C64 connected to Internet using later version of Contiki.