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C64 Power Game Mod Compo – results

Over the past few months two organizers of C64 Power Game Mod Compo (V-12 and Raf) were receiving contest work which main goal was to create modded games on Commodore 64. In the race stood 7 works of which only one not fully meet statutory requirements. However, it was accepted to the competition since the main idea of the whole project was to create de facto a new game (although it would be a continuation of what we already know).

All games were presented live on late evening of 30 June 2012 during Silesia Party 6 at Czestochowa in Poland. Thanks goes to CJ Warlock for giving possibility to make a final of C64 Power Game Mod Compo during party and audience for voting and spontaneous reactions while watching modded games. 🙂

Here are the results of the competitions. The square brackets are given the order for submission of entries. The same order was kept during presentation at Silesia Party 6. Demonstration was conducted by V-12, who was describing all games and playing live in each game. Special thanks goes to Jericho for supporting him with microphone and also to CJ Warlock and Cancerek for counting the votes. 🙂

Official results of C64 Power Game Mod Compo:

1. [6] Coltfire by Jens Engel (138 pkt.)
2. [2] Brain Delicacy by Dr Guru (137 pkt.)
3. [1] Kikstart 2012 by V-12 (133 pkt.)
4. [7] Nibbly 2012 by Bimber (123 pkt.)
5. [5] Power Dash by C64 Power Community (118 pkt.)
6. [3] Crazy Dream 10 by Logic DeLuxe (113 pkt.)
7. [4] Kolony Mod by Mikra (90 pkt.)

Below you can find two videos recorded during presentation live at party (unfortunately whole material is not complete due of some technical problems), recorded by Kati using two photo cameras (Data and V-12). Thanx!

Here you will find all games from competitions. Screenshoots are provided from real C64, using so-called video grabber.

Coltfire by Jens Engel. After 25 years this game is finally released!


Coltfire by Jens Engel – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Brain Delicacy by Dr Guru. Very hard caves to play, requires more logical thinking.


Brain Delicacy by Dr Guru – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Kikstart 2012 by V-12, released by Tropyx. New version of a cult game by Shaun Southern.


Kikstart 2012 by V-12/Tropyx – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Nibbly 2012 by Bimber. Classic snake eats dots at new screens.


Nibbly 2012 by Bimber – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Power Dash created by 10 persons! Game is released in two versions: with and without highscore save routine. Caves designed by: Lolita, ZSOM, Ruter, Uka, Cobra, Raf, Stary Marabut, FMan, Mikra and V-12, who did all linking job.


Power Dash by C64 Power Community – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Crazy Dream 10 by Logic DeLuxe. Quite modified engine of Boulder Dash with some new features.


Crazy Dream 10 by Logic DeLuxe – [ DOWNLOAD ]

Kolony Mod by Mikra. In game you can now for example buy and sale shares of four famous computer companies.


Kolony Mod by Mikra – [ DOWNLOAD ]

All games available separately in .d64 files – [ DOWNLOAD ] (link is not active)

Official 5’25 inch disk (two .d64 images) with all production contest – [ DOWNLOAD ] (link is not active)

Organizers of C64 Power Game Mod Compo were: Raf/Vulture Design and V-12/Tropyx.
Poster designed by: Odyn.
Patronage took: C64 Power and River’s Edge.