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1541Ultimate inside of Commodore 64

I’m the first in the world person who installed 1541Ultimate inside of Commodore 64. I’ve used for this 2nd Expansion Port, which I made in July 2006. While installing 1541U inside of the C64, I brought out the buttonts over the keyboard and connected also drive reset to the left. I tried to run an extension to a memory card but my operation ended up as fiasco, because the socket on the 1541U card physically recognize its presence. I’ve only did the extension of Ethernet with putting socket on the back side of the C64. On the photos you can see the result of my actions.

I had a plans to modify a little bit the connection of 2nd Expansion Port to have the possibility to place 1541U closer to the C64 case, which could give me easily access to the memory card. Finally I gave up with this idea.

View on a C64 with located buttons from 1541Ultimate near function keys.
Inside of C64.
1541Ultimate inside of Commodore 64. On the left old version of +60k expansion.
Extension of Ethernet port in C64 case.


I’ve made this installation in the 2nd part of 2008 year.

Szczecin, 25.02.2009