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Symphony 2005 – 26-28.08.2005 in Trzcianka

The 5th edition of Polish multiplatform party Symphony was held in Trzcianka on 26-28 of August 2005 year. It was organized by Madwizards, Prototype and some friends, with which I’ve supported the whole C64 competitions.

I’ve started my trip to this party quite late, something about 6 P.M. at Friday 26th of August. The reason of that was because I was waiting for my friends to come by a cars. Finally 2 cars stuffed with a lot of party freaks arrived to my street and I’ve packed my whole hardware to the car, which droved famous Arson. There was also Kopernik (a musician from PC scene which I knew from few years) and Snickers (one of the organizers of Satellite party in my town), Adamsoft (the driver of the 2nd car) and some other guys :).

Our car trip took for us more than 3 hours. In the middle of the trip we had some small problems with choosing good way to the party place and unfortunately we started to go by the same way back! Luckily soon we realized, that we are going by the wrong side and we turn back. After one hour or more we finally arrived to the party place. It was located close to the lake and there was a lot of small houses to sleep there (and to hire of course!). Some of the already drunk party freaks came to welcome us screaming “Zloooooo meeen” or “Loda szmato!” etc. I started to feel like I’m now in the proper place and I feel now the real party mood :).

Arson with friends went to hire the place to sleep and I went with them. Next I entered the party place and met Bloodman (one of the main organizers) and drunk Spider with the crash-helmet on his head :). Next I met Raf, Odyn and Cactus for the first time. I’ve picked up my C64 hardware from the car and placed it on the table in the middle of the party place. I’ve realized, that this place is almost empty! I was really surprised because of that. Most of the people were outside drinking a lot of beer. I’ve connected my C64 (which was for a first time on the real party) and I started to speak with some people.

The party place was quite big. It was done from the canteen! The tables were moved to the walls, the windows were hidden by the black foil and already signed by the spray by some sceners :). It was quite late evening and I’ve missed some nice events at the party, for example destroying compo where drunk sceners were destroying some mainly PC hardware :).

I awaited till the midnight because I have in plans to presents some C64 demos at the big screen. Also I was waiting until Crest will finish his demoshow and finally we plugged C64 to the big screen and I’ve started to play some demos. Unfortunately there was only few persons at the party place with famous big-bearded old guy from Sweden on the top :). So my C64 demoshow has almost no audience… Most of the people was drinking or sleeping in the hired houses…

After one hour of playing the C64 demos on the big screen Bloodman said to me that there is no sense of doing it anymore and “let us give the possibility to sleep for those ones, who are sleeping on the party place”. And we turned off the hardware and I went to sleep. When I woke up I went to the town to buy some food to eat together with Spider and we also picked up Data from the train station, who arrived at morning.

Next I was spending the party time doing several things: speaking with friends, doing some pictures, collecting stuff for the competitions, meeting old’n’new friends etc. While standing and speaking with C64 sceners, Prezes stole my box with the discs. I was really confused by his childish attitude but seems that not everyone grew up from the childhood… No matter. I was also wonder why there wasn’t so much people at the party place. I guess that there arrived something about 60 people only (there was few persons outside Poland).

The party place was also full of kids. Yes! Because at the same place visited the child’s colony. It was very fun to see them trying to copy our behaviors. Some of the boys were walking and speaking “yo meeen” too!

V-12 & V0yager – competitions organizers.
Raf, V-12 & C64 on the background of the exotic tree. 🙂


In the middle of the day some mad sceners decided to make the naked bath in the lake! Moreover, this bath was also recorded on the camera! After this event one of them decided to come back to the party place without any clothes and the kids (especially girls) had something to see and they laughed a lot being in the windows :). Before this event some of the sceners did the compo to shoot to the monitor from the real gun (!). There wasn’t so much extreme events on this party. Broken window and mirror, someone puked on the wall…

At the late evening the main competitions has started. I was showing all C64 releases, V0yager played music compos and Bloodman was managing the screen. We had some real troubles with the hardware. Something went wrong with the amplifier and one of the speakers got crashed up. So unfortunatelly the competitions were played mono…

While playing C64 tunes the audience had the biggest fun while playing my own weird tune :). While displaying C64 graphics people screamed from time to time “scan” or even “animation!” :). It was really funny! The one thing which was missed while displaying the compos was the lack of microphone so we couldn’t introduce the audience what will be next. But it was the first Symphony party, where all C64 compos was presented (thanx to myself!).

Next the wild compos was presented. The best production was the “Lord Of The Limbs” :))). Everyone who has been at Symphony 2004 knows, why! Next it was presented the new demo from Kierownik done on Pegasos (!) and the last one was presented the small demo done by 2 guys, which they build up their own small computer.

After the compos I’ve collected the votesheets and gave it to Bloodman. Most of the sceners left the party place but we stayed to have a lot of fun while dancing to the music. Finally everyone left the dancing field after half an hour and I decided to go sleep. When I woke up I went to town and when I came back I helped with cleaning up the party place.

The party was almost finished. Some of the sceners already left the place, some of them was preparing to go. I spent some time at the lake’s edge. V0yager showed me his oldskool laptop, probably from Sinclair or something about that and I’ve started to code something on it and made some funny melody-noising :). V0yager got his laptop and we went to the party freaks, which stayed on the party place and were drunk outside. The guys from Norway got this laptop from us and started to code their own things! The rest of the sceners were drunk a lot of beers and smoking some apples. Someone got the idea “let’s burn the CD” 🙂 and he have found some old main boards from very old computers and together with some others they started to burn those boards in the flames :).

Silent Riot – the main organizer of the whole party this time wasn’t so afraid of the devastations, only because of lack of the money. This time again he had lost some money, because not so much people arrived to the party…

I was waiting for Arson, who decided to stay on the party place to wait, when he will be not drunk anymore and ready to ride by a car :). Finally, after the midday we placed ourselves to the Arson’s car and started our trip. I waved goodbye to the party place and to the kids, which have been screaming “yo meeeen” to us :))).

Symphony 2005 – photo gallery:

Something about 6 P.M. finally I arrived to my house, quite wasted and tired but happy, that I’ve spent a lot of nice time again at Symphony party (for a 4th time!). I would like to thanx to Silent Riot, Bloodman, V0yager for this great party and big thanx to Arson for his car support! And to rest of the party freaks for theirs party support! And what can I say more… See ya on the next party!

Memorial ident from Symphony 2005.


Symphony 2005 – results from C64 competitions:

C64 Demo Compo

1. AnnihilationPadua (18 p.)
2. You Can’t Stop Us!Tropyx (8 p.)
3. Spring Loda Meeting 2k+5Tropyx/Vulture Design/Apidya/Samar (3 p.)

C64 4K Intro Compo

1. IntroViper/Samar (17 p.)
2. Ice CreamV-12/Tropyx (6 p.)
3. ColorsVegeta/Draco/Tropyx/Clochard (2 p.)

C64 Graphics Compo

1. NiemanazwyBimber/Arise (8 p.)
2. Odpady KomunyDr. Brooks/Clochard (6 p.)
2. NiechcianyBlemish/Draco/Clochard/Voodoo (6 p.)
3. DobeyJSL/Protovision/Covenant (5 p.)
4. JuliaCactus/Oxyron/Padua (4 p.)
4. KwiatekLolita (4 p.)
5. FaroszVegeta/Draco/Tropyx/Clochard (1 p.)

C64 Music Compo

1. StoneKlax/Oxygen64/Voodoo/Draco/Tropyx/Clochard (10 p.)
2. Drum’n’Bass’n’Loda SzmatoMurdock/Tropyx (8 p.)
3. Drug MeSurgeon/Vulture Design (6 p.)
4. InfiniscapeV0yager/Tropyx (5 p.)
5. Crazy WallVegeta/Draco/Tropyx/Clochard (4 p.)
6. Mirror Ghost’sData/De-Koder/Tropyx (0 p.)

This report was written for 16th issue of C64 discmag Scene World (published by the German group called People of Liberty) which release was previously cancelled.

I wrote this report on 3rd of January 2006. Here you can find the original text in which I made a small correction of errors. I’ve added also memorial ident scan and some photos by Cactus, Data, Fei, Gorzyga, Grogon and Sellen. Finally report got released on 25th of May 2010 in Scene World #16/People Of Liberty.