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North Party 9 – 30.07.-1.08.2004 in Warsaw

The 9th edition of the Polish only C64 copy party took place at the same location, like last year – in Warsaw in some student’s hostel. This time I traveled together with Kyno & Blemish by a train at the same hour like one year ago. We arrived to the Warsaw at 6 AM and had some hours to wait for the party. So we are walking for some shops, looking at the newspapers, books, music plates etc.

Before the midday, we arrived on our legs at the party place and we met Galy/Tropyx/Apidya who was waiting for the organizers lonely. After some minutes, finally Elban with Prezes arrived by a car. We entered the party place and we started to look at the changes. The main room looked much better than the last time. We placed our baggages and helped with placing some tables at the party place. After that I just called to one of my friends for a meeting and went to visit some oldskool parts of the Warsaw with her.

When I came back I realized, that not so much people arrived till that time. I met Rabbi and Condic and I spent with them a lot of time at the party sitting and watching some old releases, having fun from the very old charts in Polish discmags etc :). It was really cool to see again Provee after 2 years of non seeing him. Also I met first time Raf, very friendly and nice person. Also Reiter and Ramos arrived, that was really nice to meet them again. Cobra and Asterion arrived too. Kisiel, Grabba and Kenjiro with which I had really cool and long chat. Also I had very nice chat more times with very friendly Black Light. I was a little bit confused of the low amount of the arrived people at that party. Also I met very cool person called Sudi :). At the big screen some demos were presented. I went to sleep cause of being very tired.

Murdock meets Raf.


Next day we’ve been waiting for soccer match. Because of lack of the persons to play, someone asked me if I can play with the soccer too. Finally I agreed and joined the team together with the Rabbi and some others. We had more fun from that game. It was really nice to play with them. I had one 100% action and screwed up with the final shot :(. After the break we decided to change the bands. Finally we chosed the same persons, only me got changed with Prezes :). And I got place at the goal and saved some of the balls but I’ve lost 2 or 3 goals too. Probably it was Rabbi who kicked too much the ball which jumped away from the sports field and hit the car and the alarm started to play very loudly :). Now I don’t remember who won the match, but it was really cool to play on it.

We came back to the party place and I met Browar with his new glasses. After some hours the crazy compo has started. Like last year, everyone had to stand upon Elban’s photo camera and shake theirs mouth to get the random photo. We had a lot of fun from that, but for sure it was not the same like last year. After that we had some break before real competitions got started. I was happy because my friend from Amiga scene arrived at this party (Flap Jack) together with some other Amiga freak.

The competitions finally started. More of the people was very confused of the quality of the productions. Some of them left the party place during the music compo. But our corner section with the Rabbi and Condic had always a lot of fun :).

After the competitions I spent some of the time with Reiter talking about our projects and some other things. After some time, the results got presented. Next I went to sleep. At the Sunday I helped to make the party place clean, and next together with Kyno, Blemish and Galy went to the train station. After some hours we arrived to our houses.

Well I can say, that the party last year was for sure better than this year… But it was also very cool to meet some of the friends again. I believe, that the 10th edition will be the greatest one :). See ya at another party! Sorry for this short party report, but really there are nothing more to say about this party. Greetz!

North Party 9 – photo gallery:

Memorial ident from North Party 9.
Screenshoot from Scene World #13 – first publication of report.


Originally I made a report from this party only in English language, because at that time the sceners stopped to release of any Polish magazine on C64 scene. The text was made exclusively for C64 discmag Scene World, published by German group People of Liberty.

I wrote this report on 30th of October 2004 and it was released on 27th of November 2004 in Scene World #13/People Of Liberty discmag in Party Scene section. Here you can find original text in which I made a small correction of errors. I’ve also added memorial scan of ident, screenshoot from Scene World #13 and few photos from Ramos, Flap Jack and Elban.