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X’2004 – 22-24.10.2004 in Hengelo

I started my very long trip to Holland from the train travel from my town to the Wroclaw, where Booker had to wait for me. I was very wonder when at the train station I met one of my friends from Amiga scene called GDR! who has waiting for a girl from which he had to travel to the concert exactly at the same place, where the last two Symphony parties were placed. I was happy from that because half of my trip I spent of talking and listening some of the funny stories.

When I arrived to Wroclaw I went to the place, where I had to find Booker. Finally, without any problems we recognized our persons and started to wait for Sebaloz, who had to arrive soon. And after some minutes he went to us. Booker was very wonder why me and Sebaloz doesn’t had so much baggages :).

We went to the car and after some minutes Booker had a bad luck, he droved a little bit too fast and the police caught us! We needed to wait, when that lazy policeman will fill and give to the Marcin the fine and next we continued our travel to the Booker’s place.

Next day we started our trip at 10 AM. Droopy/Amorphis joined us and our long trip to the Holland has began. Booker as a driver, me as a main singer and talker, Droopy and Sebaloz as a main map holders. We had a lot of fun while driving in a car, especially from some Sebaloz’s sentences about Internet or his magic joystick. But also we had some troubles with to find a good road for the Germany. Unfortunately we did a little mistake and passed the Germany’s border in the other place than which we wanted to pass. And the border guardians was a little bit odd and wanted to look at our baggages, luckily they didn’t wanted to browse into them.

After some long hours we arrived to Holland. It was already dark and cold. And of course again we had some problems with the road. When we arrived to the Ruurlo, Leming called to Booker that he will arrive soon by a train and that would be cool to get him from there. So we went to the train station. Before he arrived, one of the party freaks has come in the car and he wanted to get us to the party place. We said that we have our own car and we are waiting for one guy. We’ve been also standing close to the telephone box, where Sebaloz found telephone card, which he signed by his name using my own green marker. Finally, when Leming has come, we went at the party place. It was located in really small village, but the main building was very big and beautiful.

We arrived almost before midnight, so we lost a few hours of the party. But when we entered the place, I started to look at the people and I found Dalezy and I started to scream DALEZY!!! He didn’t recognized my person because I had a cap on my head, but after some seconds he went to me. Next Rambones and Jeff has come to me to say hello and welcome me at the party. Next we put our baggages into one of the rooms, located our C64 hardware at the table and … the party for us has begun!

The main hall was very big. Plenty of tables and probably something about 50 C64’s and some different machines like SX64, C128, C128D and Amiga too :). The bigscreen was not so big like I saw on the other parties, but the quality of displayed screen was really cool! And there were a lot of people, drinking beer and doing some stuff at theirs computers.

Fzool and Murdock.
Jeff, Murdock and Steppe.
Steppe, Murdock, 6R6 and Jazzcat.


I started to talk with my group mate Rambones about a lot of things, I was very happy to be there and meet him. Also I talked with Jeff and next I started to meet other cool people like for example Steppe :).

After some hours, correctly at 5 AM I went to the bed because I was totally wasted. And I didn’t slept so long, only 4 hours. Next I ate some small breakfast and again it was really full day of meeting and talking with the people… Fantastic Zool, Galaktus, DeeKay, Ninja, Steppe with his neverending smile :), Fanta, of course immortal Dalezy who did a lot of pictures with me :), big mate Slator (It was really cool to meet you after 4 years of babbling at IRC:), GRG, Cupid, StreetTuff, DCMP, screaming Rayden, Krill, Jazzcat, Vengeance, MacX, Locutus, FieserWolf and many more… I spent some time with Rambones on coding and learning SDI. Shame that we didn’t had so much free time to make more stuff on C64.

Murdock and Streetuff.


Beside us Jazzcat together with MacX were typing a live party report and everybody who wanted, he could write some own words. Vengeance was running with a couple of beers and talking some misunderstable words and sentences :). Next I met Reyn Ouwehand and it was really cool to meet him and talk! After some time I started to play on Jeff’s synth and I had a lot of fun with that, especially with testing most of all of the sounds. Soon Rambones asked Reyn if he could play something for me and he did! I had the headphones on my head, Reyn was playing JT’s Cybernoid II tune without hearing of it and he did it very perfectly! It’s not possible to write about the feelings, which I had while I listened that song, but for sure it was my best event in my life till this time!

Reyn Ouwehand plays exclusively on synth for Murdock!


Soon, after some talking with the people DCMP arrived at the party place and she brought to me some vinyl records with Hardcore music. We spent together some time on talking. After that Ninja started with his International Karate compo. I decided to take part with it because I always liked to play with this game. And I won the first engagement :). But Nightshade ruled and beat us all.

Next I met Fierman, another cool guy. I didn’t even knew that I was sitting upon his C64 :). After one or two hours Goto80 started to give to us a really cool concert. He played very cool songs and I was very impressed, when he started to sing to some of them. After the last one, where he singed very fast and became red on his face I went to him to meet him finally after 4 years of IRC talking. And finally I got his 2 vinyl records. Jeroen Tel went to us too and we had a nice chat. The concert was really cool!

After that we had some food to eat, some china stuff with which I had some problems to eat :). But before that I met youtH and I waited for this meeting very long time! youtH is really nice person and I wish that we will meet again! Next I was talking with DCMP and she asked about Laxity so we went to meet him. Yeah it was really cool to meet one of my favorites C64 composers, we had a nice chat and we made one photo :). After that I came back to DCMP and we went together outside to talk with the other sceners like Fzool and Galaktus about more funny old party events.

The mood was cool. And the competition has started. Firstly there were presented graphics. DCMP told me which picture was her and I was very impressed from her work. Before music compo I went again to play some chords on Jeff’s synth. In the middle of music competition I met again Fierman with which I listened together rest of the songs with my own too. I was very tired bud I wanted to see the demo competition, so I joined Jazzcat and we together were watched all demos presented on the big screen. We both were really impressed from really cool Chorus demo called Demode, believe me – there is nothing better than watching new, kicking ass production on the high quality projector at the party hall!

DCMP, Laxity and Murdock.


Finally, after demo competition I went to bed because I was so totally wasted and tired and couldn’t waited for the results. After some hours of sleeping I woke up and I looked at the sill, where the price for the compo was located. I was wonder, what he are doing here in our room. Finally, our Polish team woke up and Booker with Droopy and Leming said to Sebaloz, that he won the gfx compo. He believed in that and did the photo with the cup and his magic immortal joystick. After that they said to him that it was a really joke :))). We had a lot of fun from that :).

I went down to see the results and I was a little bit surprised. Especially because Chorus didn’t won the demo competition. After some short breakfast we all started to pack our hardware, the party was almost over… I met again Jeroen Tel and we had again some nice chat. I was talking with StreetTuff and Fierman and some other guys. More of the people already left the party place. It was close to midday. I wanted to talk with Rambones, but I saw him when he walked away from the building with a couple of discs…

The party hall was almost empty, some of the organizers were cleaning it up. Leming went to a car with some other guys, our Polish team was the last one, which left the party place. Our trip to Poland was very tiring for me. I felt so bad in the car, finally we arrived to the Booker’s place at 5 AM at the Monday! After short sleeping we woke up and we traveled to the Wroclaw but we arrived too late and I had to wait 2 hours for a train. Finally after some hours I arrived to my house at 1 AM totally tired, went to bed…

I still feel the party mood. I can say that it was my best party which I’ve attended! Thanx to the organizers (hi CBA🙂 for this great party, thanx to Booker for the car trip, thanx to everyone which I’ve met at the party, especially the people mentioned by me in this report. Thanx for everything! I hope that we will meet soon at another party! Cheers!

X2004 – photo gallery:

Memorial ident from X’2004.
Screenshoot from Scene World #13 – first release of report.


This is another report which I wrote exclusively for C64 discmag Scene World, published by German group called People of Liberty.

I wrote this report on 8th of November 2004 and it was released on 27th of November 2004 in Scene World #13/People Of Liberty discmag in Party Scene section. Here you can find original text in which I made a small correction of errors. I’ve also added memorial scan of ident and few photos from CBA & Mr. Ammo, Dalezy, Droopy, Dylotic, Franky, Jazzcat, JRC, Leming & Booker, MacX, Rambones and Steppe.